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EdgeWave’s new email incident response wipes out phishing threats network-wide in minutes to reduce dwell time & security risk
Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 08:55:42 AM


Email incident response & global remediation accelerates response time, reduces it burden & cost by automatically removing malicious emails from every user’s inbox

Nov 13, 2018

San Diego, CA – EdgeWave®, Inc., offering the only comprehensive predelivery, postdelivery and incident response email security solution, today announced a new release of their email Incident Response with Global Remediation. This solution automatically deletes phishing and other malicious emails from every user’s inbox across an organization before they can do damage.

EdgeWave’s new Incident Response with Global Remediation solution dramatically reduces dwell time by accelerating the response speed to identified phishing threats. Unlike other solutions that detect one malicious email but then require IT teams to manually search for and remove other instances of the same threat across an entire organization, EdgeWave Incident Response automates the entire process to remove every instance of malicious emails in every inbox in minutes.

When it comes to detecting and stopping IT security threats, rapid detection of phishing attacks is essential. Unfortunately, with a shortage of almost 3 million cybersecurity professionals1, most organizations are unable to dedicate experienced personnel to detect and remediate malicious email. With automated incident response, organizations can identify and contain phishing attacks in near real-time, dramatically reducing risk of and exposure to phishing attacks, ransomware and business email compromise.

“IT teams are overwhelmed and don’t have the time, expertise or resources to perform manual remediation across the entire network fast enough to reduce the risk of email security threats,” said Steve Kelley, CEO of EdgeWave. “Postdelivery detection and incident response is the new battleground that gives IT teams a major advantage in stopping threats before they can do damage.”

Stopping phishing attacks at the inbox breaks the cybersecurity kill chain at the delivery phase, ultimately preventing breaches and other downstream effects. The security of an entire organization and millions of dollars could hinge upon a single errant click on a phishing email by an unsuspecting user. Removing the threat from one inbox is only part of the battle—that same threat could be lurking in another. EdgeWave Incident Response solves that problem by neutralizing the threat network-wide within minutes.

EdgeWave’s new Incident Response solution works hand-in-hand with ThreatTest Postdelivery Detection which enables users across an organization to instantly submit any suspicious email to the EdgeWave Threat Detection Center for immediate machine analysis and expert human investigation. In minutes, malicious emails are classified and removed. The addition of Incident Response extends the ability of ThreatTest to automatically remove malicious emails from every user’s inbox at one time.

EdgeWave’s cloud-based Email Security Platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate and efficient protection to guard against the ever-growing threat of social engineering attacks. To learn more about how EdgeWave’s new Incident Response is Delivering the World’s Safest Inboxes™

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